Welcome to our blog and thank you so much for taking time to give it a read. It really does mean a lot!

This is just a quick introductory post explaining who we are and the basis and purpose of this blog. Myself (Shannon) and my cousin (Madeleine) will be the main content creators for this blog but we will love to include any work from family and friends too!

Our lives have been so positively changed by veganism, that we want to share all the information we have to show you how beneficial and easy it is to transition. We will be posting delicious recipes, our favourite vegan foods and general tips to having a fulfilled vegan diet. We will also be sharing the ways in which it has completely changed our lives for the better in terms of mental health and body image. We are also so passionate about spreading awareness of mental health issues and ways to support and aid yourself to a happier state of wellbeing. And of course, the main reason we do all of this, we will be explaining the benefits veganism has on the earth and the animals.

We want this blog to be accessible for everyone, whether you are vegan or not. We donโ€™t want to place labels and preach. Our main aim is just to share our love of veganism and wellbeing and hope people can gain something from what we share. We truly just want to help people. We both realise how much it has changed our lives for the better and we want others to have this experience too!

Our email is veryheartyvegans@outlook.com, feel free to drop us an email for any enquiries!


Madeleine & Shannon xxx