A Letter I Want My Best Friend to Read

Dear Madeleine,

You are my best friend, cousin and partner in crime. You are more like a sister to me, but without the constant bickering! You are the person I can tell literally anything to and not have to say the words, “but don’t tell anyone!” because I know you would never dream of doing. You are the person I can spend every waking moment with and still get sad when you have to go. We are like a package deal because you can’t have one without the other. Joint at the hip, inseparable or the Kray twins (as our family would call us!).20883652_1677509745606447_1316529538_o

We have been companions since birth and this will continue until we are long gone from this earth. I don’t have to put an act on around you because I know you accept me for who I am. I can be my complete self around you and I know you feel the same. We can sit in silence for hours and there is no ounce of awkwardness because we just feel content in the other persons presence.DSC_0316.JPG

All of my travel adventures have been with you. From Poland to Paris. From hostels to caravans. From festivals to gigs. From late flights to missed trains. We’ve done it all! Every major event in our lives, we’ve gone through them together. Every dark moment in my life, you’ve been there to lift my spirits and comfort me. You have always been there to tell me it will all be okay and you’ll do anything to put a smile back on my face. Then when the tables are turned, I’m always there to help you along too. No matter how big or small your problem is, I always do my best to support you. DSC_0646.JPG

When you look at your own life from the inside, you may think you are not doing as well as you’d hope but let me tell you, from the outside, you are doing brilliantly. Yeah, you are doing great academically, but there is so much more to you. You have to remember; your worth isn’t the grade you can achieve in your maths exam. Your worth is based on your character. You are kind, caring and understanding. You are creative, passionate and determined. You are compassionate, loving and thoughtful. You are a wonderful human being and I really hope you can see this.

I know it can be difficult when we have our own adult lives to contend with, but we will always have that same bond we’ve had since we were born. It doesn’t matter about the distance, we are still by each other’s side. There is never any bitterness, envy or jealousy between us because we always want the absolute best for each other.DSC_0275.JPG

We have have so many memories together, inside jokes and secrets. I feel like we are practically the same person! However,  your tea making process is very questionable. That isn’t tea… that’s hot milk and I don’t think the tea bag even entered the vicinity of that cup!

I am so lucky to have a cousin I am so close to. Even though we make new friends, start new ventures, take different paths… we will never stop loving each other!

Lots of Love,
Shannon xxx


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