A Stranger Gave Me a Rose

As I was stood at the bus station mindlessly waiting in the queue with the crowds of people, I saw something which caught my eye. At the side of me, there were 2 people with a big bunch of beautiful, fresh red roses walking towards us all. The cynical part of my brain thought they may have been trying to sell them or it was part of an advertising thing, but contrary to what I expected, they gave a single rose to each and every person in the queue. They didn’t want anything in return. No cash, no details, no catch… I guess they just did it out of pure kindness.

I think we were all a little confused at first. Why would someone give out something for free and expect nothing back? I soon saw the confusion in our faces turn to smiles of joy when we realised that these people were just being nice. It brightened my day and I am definitely sure it perked everyone else up too. It made me feel so content that those people spent their spare time (and money) trying to spread happiness into strangers lives without any aspect of greed.

That was altruism at its finest. Yeah, they probably got a sense of happiness knowing that they were cheering other people up, but that is a positive thing too! I hope those 2-people felt good after doing that! They deserve to!

I was having a lovely day with my mum and cousin but I still had worries in my mind like every other person in the world. Today I’ve had worries about deadlines, money (or lack of it, haha), life after university and just general anxiety about things going on in my life. I tend to want control in my life. I’m a list taker, an over thinker, an organisational freak. I just want to have control over the things you probably can’t change, but it doesn’t stop me worrying about them! However, when I was handed that rose, I felt a wave of peacefulness wash over me. It made me quite emotional that those people were lovely enough to do something without wanting anything back.

They probably don’t realise how much they made my day. It sets an example of how we all should be. We should all look out for each other, whether it is a friend or a stranger. People tend to keep their worries and anxieties to themselves because they don’t want to be a downer or a burden to anyone, so it can be hard to tell if someone is going through a rough time in their life. That is why it is SO important to always be kind to people because you may not even realise how much it might mean to them. A caring gesture, a thoughtful compliment, an act of generosity. A small action for you, could mean the world to somebody else.

It is easy to just walk through everyday life and be oblivious to our surrounds and oblivious to the people we see. We should be more vigilant of the world around us. If you like someone’s jacket, walk over and tell them. If someone is looking lost, go over and ask if they need help. If someone is embarrassed, be the one to tell them that you’ve done worse, so there is nothing to fret over. Be the one who makes someone’s day!

That event today reminded me that kindness is so important, no matter how big or small your action is.

Happy Weekend, guys!

Shannon xxx 


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