The BEST Indian Vegan Food

I can always tell when people are caring, giving and truly passionate about what they love. So, when I met Indi in Skipton, in her little shop, I knew how passionate about her business she was. We talked for a while about veganism and explained how she loves to cook veggie style Indian food. She then she offered to let me try some of her own home cooked recipes.


So later that week, Shannon and I headed over to Skipton to eat all her delicious food. We were only expecting a few tasters or samples but when we got there we were treated with a 5-course meal to delve into! When arriving, she closed up her shop and kindly invited us into her lovely home. We made ourselves comfortable around her table and she served us fresh, healthy and tasty home cooked dishes. We were genuinely shocked at how great her food was. The KFC style chicken was a major highlight for us! Hats off to her! Keep reading for the full low down of “Food at Indis”.DSC_0818.JPG



First, Indi let us try her dried fruit date chewy bar. They were like naked bars but more of a mixed flavour. They were so delicious and totally organic! She also brought out some savoury snacks that were crispy and delicious to accompany it. Then she brought a long dish out with little steamed cakes which were circular with a muffin texture but more savoury, this was super healthy as it was not fried and very light. They were also a line of fried donuts for a treat which were so so tasty. I’ve never met someone who is so versatile in what they cook. They were also a bucket of KFC style chicken. I’m not just saying this guys but this was 100% better than real chicken. Indi used soya meat and coated it in different spices to give that chicken taste, yet this was more moist and tender than real chicken. I swear you’d think it was real chicken cooked to perfection!DSC_0819DSC_0822


At the side, she offered three sauces that we dipped our chicken in. a

A coconut, beetroot and a coriander sauce. Each one varied with so much taste. My mouth is watering just thinking of it! Our favourite was the beetroot one. Amazing.DSC_0824DSC_0831DSC_0836DSC_0837DSC_082325578898_1801114606579293_1796960103_o25577473_1801114459912641_1318769528_o


Then she brought out two dishes one consisting of a cous cous type of dish and the other was a rice dish with nuts. She said this can be offered as a main but Indi really did treat us like royalty as this wasn’t the main dish this was our pre-main! I must say Shannon and I demolished the cous cous dish within minutes! The nuts in the rice dish gave it that edge and crunch that made it so wonderful and different.


Then onto the main she brought out three curries. One lentil, one consisting of mashed veg, such as sprouts and the other was a traditional curry with “meaty” soya chunks. Then at the side was suede and carrot but not how we cook it. This had intense flavour with crispy onion on top. To serve nicely with these she offered corn, spinach and beetroot wraps, all so light and yummy.


To finish off, she had ginger cubes that was a lovely contrast to the curries to end the meal nicely. I really didn’t expect all the lovely food that Indi made but we want to encourage her to open her own restaurant because she has so much talent. Then everyone can enjoy her food. Everyone reading this, if you live by Skipton I really recommend going to The Organic Ship shop. Indi now she sells loads of ingredients and makeup, but request for her food because she really knows her stuff when it comes to cooking up a storm. I know she’s working on a menu but we need to show Indi how much we need a vegan delicious Indian food around Skipton area. She knows her stuff on cooking, hospitality and great company!


I’m excited to see where her skills will take her. Really contemplating moving to Skipton just so I can get Indi’s food every night. We want you to make a takeout menu Indi!

Shannon and Madeleine xxx


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