The Art of Be-Friending Yourself

I cannot believe how hard I am on myself sometimes. The things I say and think can be utterly cruel. I feel like a bully to myself!

Why do we act like this? Why are we so critical of ourselves? At the end of the day the only person you will truly have is …you. You are born with yourself, you live with yourself and you die with yourself. You are the only permanent structure that will remain with you for as long as you are on this earth.

So, if that is the case we need to learn how to be-friend ourselves. By this I mean being kinder and more caring to ourselves. We need to stop being so down and negative about who we are and what we do.

In this day and age, it is so easy to not feel good enough. As I mentioned in the last post, people’s lives are blasted all over the internet. You can try your best to ignore it but it can have an effect on you. It can give you anxiety that you are not where you should be or that you are behind in life. However, you need to remember we all have our own journeys and own personal growth. You might be doing things differently to another person, but does this mean you are doing it wrong? Of course not! There is no right way to live life.

I think it is so important to be-friend yourself and stop being your worst enemy. Be proud of who you are and what you are about. It is time to think of all the positives about your character and thrive off them instead of dwelling on your flaws which prevent you from living your best life. Don’t neglect your wellbeing by focusing on the aspects of yourself you don’t like. We all really need to start appreciating ourselves and everything we are.

Think about what you are like with your friends. If they came up to you and said “I don’t think I am good enough”, how would you react? I know I would be the first one to tell them how amazing and capable they are. I would praise them until I was out of breath and blue in the face. Well, this is exactly how we should act with ourselves when we have feelings of self doubt!

I also need to remember to practise what I preach. At times I can feel down and not worthy of things but that is just a detrimental way of thinking and does more harm than good. I need to start acting, being and thinking like the person I aspire to be.

Shannon xxx


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