Comparing Yourself

I was scrolling through our ‘veryheartyvegans’ Instagram yesterday quietly admiring the delicious food that was being posted, but not long after I stumbled upon a fitness bloggers Instagram. As soon as I went on her page, the photos screamed “health and perfection”. Perfect diet, prominent abs and a lifestyle to die for. It was so easy just to be enticed by her seemingly amazing life that I couldn’t stop delving further into her photos. Then I’d see her in a photo with another gorgeous girl and so, I would start to view her page and be lured into looking at all of her beautiful photos. Then the cycle repeats.

Looking at people with flawless lives and bodies can have 2 effects. They can either make you super motivated in your own life to achieve what you want, or they can make you feel a little depressed about your own life as you are comparing yourself, and your life to what they have.

I sometimes find myself looking at super lean toned girls and thinking “Gosh, I wish I had a body that slim”, when the next minute I see girls with big booty’s and think “I wish my bum was that big!”. It just goes to show you will never be fully happy when you constantly compare yourself to other people! You can’t have everything! So, that’s why it is important to learn to be satisfied with the cards you are dealt. It’s like being short and wanting to be tall… it can’t happen! As long as you are doing everything to take care of your body, you should learn to be happy with yourself.

However, it is not completely out of reach to get the things you want. If you desperately want abs, it is not impossible, start doing them sit ups and follow the right diet to cut fat. If you want to lose a couple of pounds for health, walk more and be aware of what you are eating. If you want toned, muscly legs, starts pumping out them squats at the gym a couple more times a week. It just takes perseverance and drive. You may not want to go for that run but if your goal is to get fitter, that’s what you have to do to achieve your goal!

I think it is also important to not beat down the girls and boys who do have great bodies though, by saying it is all Photoshop or they are setting unrealistic standards. You have to remember it is some people’s actual jobs to have good bodies and be fit, like personal trainers or fitness models. Also, some people enjoy the gym and being fit, so why would you bash someone for that?

Being happy within your self is striving for your own goals and aspirations, in whatever aspect of your life, while being happy for others. A late new year’s resolution for us all could be to stop comparing and pitching ourselves against everybody. I have noticed that if I always find myself undermining anyone in my head and having feelings of envy or jealousy… I know I am not fully satisfied with my own life. Then I know I need to take a better look at myself and do what I can to bring out the best in me!

I am not saying I will never watch fitness bloggers again because I love watching them on YouTube and Instagram! They can give great fitness advice, food recommendations and workout routines. I direct my attention to those who I find most relatable and best for my lifestyle.

I love to watch Zanna Van Dijk who is a fitness blogger and YouTuber. She spreads a great message of body positivity and is just so endearing to watch. I also love GraceFitUk. She is a University student in the same year as I am and she also spreads the same sort of message. A brilliant thing about them both too is that they are vegan! Yey! They provide tasty vegan recipes and tips which I am always looking out for. I always feel really inspired and motivated after watching those 2 lovely ladies, so if you are looking to get into fitness more, search for the ones that drive you… not depress you!

Shannon xxx


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