A Vegan Christmas with Friends

As a rule, I’ve always spent Christmas at home with family, opening presents and staying in my pyjamas all day but as I’ve got older, I’m more open to new experiences at Christmas, e.g. spending it with friends like we did this year or even catching a flight and spending it in another country. New York is definitely on my bucket list as somewhere to visit at Christmas time.



My mum and I had a lovely Christmas this year at a friend’s house in Oswaldtwistle. We had a warm welcome with presents of a vegan cookbook and indulgent bath smellies and drinks of our choice.



Not to mention, we were greeted by a very special person (Yes! dogs are considered as people in my eyes hahaha), the most loving and affectionate Springer Spaniel/Saluki I’ve ever met named Elsa. She kept leaning on my lap for loves and cuddles and I just wanted to take her home.




We had a full vegan menu of three courses which I was stunned at and a three-course meal for the meat-eaters too. The family’s daughter was vegan also and was an excellent cook, so she made the starter and dessert, also opting for a nut roast instead of meat for the main. I thought this would be a good blog post to write to give ideas for Vegans because I would never have thought of making the starter she chose to make but it was truly outstanding. It was an eye opener meeting her and seeing her different ideas for food at Christmas time. Also, we realised we had strangely a lot in common!



For the starter, we had a French onion soup. The onions were caramelised and were so tasty. I asked her for the recipe which is by Elizabeth Rider and I tried to recreate the dish on New Year’s Day. It was so easy…. just slightly time-consuming but that’s what creates the fantastic flavour. I honestly wanted to eat a few more bowls full but I knew the main would be coming out soon.

DSC_1498DSC_1499 For the main we had nut roast, roasted parsnips, asparagus, roast taters (so crispy! The best I have ever had. I still need to ask them how they made these), brussel sprouts,  stuffing, mashed potato, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli with a serving of thick onion gravy …there was so much food on offer My mum also had the nut roast as she is a vegetarian. The nut roast wasn’t very nutty to my surprise. It tasted like it mainly contained quinoa which I loved. They really did cater to our every need and made it a lovely experience. I feel privileged to have spent the day with them. It felt as though we were at a top restaurant but in the comfort of a cosy home.


We had a break after the main course, as that satisfied us for a few hours, so we played a game of Balderdash. Although we did kind of make up our own rules but that made it even better in our opinion. It was a great laugh; board games aren’t really something you do other than at family get together but you forget how much fun they are! We should make more of an effort to play them often with friends and family. Then funnily enough our hungry eyes got the best of us again ahaha. On to dessert.

For dessert, she had made a vegan pecan sticky toffee pudding and vegan ice-cream, it was slightly warm with a drizzle of sweet toffee and a moist sponge with the crunch of pecans. So so so yummy! It really finished off the day nicely.


Hope this gives you some food inspo……please try and make the French onion soup! Non-vegans will be astonished.Here’s the pictures of it when I recreated it for New year for my family to try.We need to invent a technology ,internet-smell because the smell of the first picture was seriously soo good!



Happy New Year,

Madeleine x



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  1. Hey there, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Check it my latest post for more detail!


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