Cheap Vegan Supermarket Rush!

Who would have thought that Fulton foods so many vegan products? I went in out of curiosity because I heard they had quite a few accidental vegan things from the “Vegan Voyager” on YouTube. You do have to look around for vegan products as it’s not all displayed in one section like in Asda, Tesco etc. but they are so easy to pick out if you keep your eyes peeled.


The first thing I spotted, as I walked through the door, was an item with the brand Hale & Hearty. I remember buying vegan chocolate “healthy” cereal stocked from this brand so I was straight over to investigate what they were selling with this brand in Fulton foods!  To my surprise, they were Date, Chocolate & Coconut Flapjacks clearly labelled in the left, bottom corner as a vegan product. Plus, wheat and gluten free. Result!! I’m looking forward to trying these as everything from this brand is always delicious but it’s not often I buy it because I swear everything from this brand is super expensive but not here at Fulton foods because they were amazingly only 1 pound for 5 flapjacks!


The next stop was near the sauces. I picked up a product thinking never in a million years would this be vegan as it said the word “creamy” in the title. That is always a word that makes me think dairy is involved. However, this ‘free from’ creamy whole cherry tomato pasta sauce was bloody vegan! I got so excited it went straight in the basket and decided it was for tea tonight. I was looking forward to it being creamy. The ingredients listed tofu, sunflower oil and cornflour so I’m guessing these are the secret to the creamy texture….mmmmm. This was also just a pound. Usually I spend around 2-4 pounds on this brand in other supermarkets so this is an ab-so-lute bargain!





It took me by surprise when I opened the jar and there were actual whole, juicy cherry tomatoes. I know it says that they are whole on the jar but for some weird reason I still thought they’d be chopped up and mixed within the sauce. It was so very delicious, quite different to other pasta sauces I’ve had which I liked. I accompanied the sauce with vegetables, spinach, dried mushrooms and tomatoes, a flat mushroom, bit of nooch (nutritional yeast that tastes “cheesy”) and a jacket potato given to me from my boyfriend. His family buy potatoes in bulk from a nearby farm and persisted they were the best potatoes. I don’t know what to call this meal but… oh my goodness…. It seriously hit the spot. The sauce and fluffy, farm potato went so well together.  I’ve definitely been converted to locally grown potatoes and to shop at Fulton foods for vegan sauces now. Let me know if you try this sauce and see if you can create a combination of a meal like mine.24956837_2009651129060220_556973037_o

The number of items that were vegan and so cheap was endless! I think I should have took the pictures once I got home because at this point the person who served me was wondering why I was taking pictures of everything but I really didn’t think I’d be so long in here because I thought there would be only be one or two vegan products at the most!





I also found a cereal for 59p. It was the packaging that reminded me of Deliciously Ella’s packaging. It was called Good Grain and it looked like a healthy version of sugar puffs. To my surprise there was only one ingredient! Wheat and that was it…I had to buy it to try it out. I think this cereal will be nice with chopped fruit, muesli and some added nuts. That’s my plan if it is quite plain. Being plain is sometimes a good thing, however, as it means you can add to and alter your breakfast to suit how you feel.

Near the snack sections, I was really spoilt for choice for vegan options. The first thing I put my paws on were some food doctor bars (4 for a pound!!!). What are those you may ask?  I’ll tell you…. a kale and cashew bar, sweet potato and pecan, beetroot and walnut and chilli tomato and cashew…





I’m so excited to try these flavours. I love tasting new foods, especially since being vegan, I’ve tried so many new combinations of flavours and been so adventurous with food. In my opinion, being vegan is a fun hobby too, as well as a being a great diet, I’m always in search of new recipes. There was also a fruity snack bar called Zootellicious in the flavour pear ‘n’ ginger. Just 3 for ONE POUND!!!!!I get these from the Student union at my university (Manchester Metropolitan) and I swear they cost three times this amount. Fulton foods where’ve you been at when I’ve been skinting myself on all these expensive vegan bars.24956912_2009651992393467_1781351571_o

I spotted some strawberry muesli minis and thought these are also a great on-the-go snack for university when you have a long day of lectures and need that snack to get you through the day.25075738_2009652079060125_1053234597_o

Here is a selection of what available from Fulton foods for vegans!





Overall, I was very impressed and I would recommend checking your nearest Fulton foods for vegan foods and see what you find. I feel like it’s a lucky dip this place and you can’t guarantee they stock the same thing every week but you can come across some serious bargains. My friend said she found chocolate Alpro soya milks for 30p there and bought the full lot! She didn’t let anyone else have a chance. So, I’m guessing they sell different products in different locations too. It’s worth checking.

Happy “Fulton foods” shopping.


Love Madeleine x


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