A Very Vegan Christmas… Manchester Style!

Christmas is literally right around the corner and what better to way to enjoy the run up than having a mother-daughter day in Manchester!

There was a sharp, shivering chill which hit you as soon as you step foot outside, but everyone was still out enjoying all the delights that Manchester offers during this spectacular time of year. Seriously though, it was crazy! You couldn’t move! I guess everyone had the same plans as us that Saturday afternoon. Copy cats!DSC_0813.JPG

We did a little bit of shopping but we couldn’t fool ourselves any longer… we were so hungry! But, what’s new?! So, we decided to leave the packed crowds for a peaceful café. My beautiful mum took me to one of my favourite vegan cafes ‘Eighth Day’, which is conveniently located on Oxford Road which is only a 15 minutes’ walk from the centre. She said it was a Christmas treat and kindly let me pick a main meal and a naughty dessert! DSC_0767.JPG

I decided to go for the hearty cottage pie, doused in gravy to warm up the cockles of my heart! My mum went for the creamy cauliflower mac and cheese with potatoes and broccoli. Granted, it may not be fully vegan but at least there was no meat! She did me proud! She actually loves vegan food and cooks such amazing, enough to make your mouth water, vegan food at home. I guess she just doesn’t feel ready to make that commitment yet. However, she is so much more mindful about her meat ad diary intake now! DSC_0759.JPGDSC_0758.JPGDSC_0770.JPG
Round 1 finished. Round 2 commenced. Dessert time was looming! As I headed up for our cheeky treat, I saw the last slice of lemon and ginger cake staring me out. It was as if a spotlight shone down on that particular cake as I heard the word ‘Hallelujah’ being eloquently sung by a choir in my head. It was fate! That lemon cake was mine! I usually opt for a cake covered in chocolate, but sometimes it over faces me and I can’t finish it!DSC_0777.JPG

My mum decided to get the special of the day which was fruit crumble with soy custard. I was looking so longingly at the crumble, she so generously spooned a little bit on a plate for me to share as well. It was too delicious not to! It tasted so natural and fresh. You could tell there were no artificial sugars mindlessly crammed into it just to make it taste good. The soy custard was brilliant too! I have never had a vegan alternative to custard before, so it was a first for me and let me tell you, it tasted exactly like regular custard.DSC_0782DSC_0786DSC_0792

After a good cuppa tea and our cake, we ventured back into the depth of Manchester and set ourselves a mission to get some Christmas presents. We looked around the whole of Arndale and the Christmas Markets. Even though it was so busy, we both could see the festive feel flowing through the air which made it less stressful and reminded you how magical Christmas is.DSC_0814DSC_0809

Walking through the centre, we even saw an animal rights group advocating veganism. I think it is a good time of year to bring awareness to veganism, as Christmas it a time of meat overload for a lot of us. It is just always good to be a bit mindful of where your food is coming from, for ethical and health reasons. DSC_0820.JPG

We finished the day with sore feet, empty purses but full shopping bags! As the day turned dark, we headed back home for… you guessed it… another cuppa tea! Haha!DSC_0763.JPG


Shannon xxx


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