Chester…Vegan Style!

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One of our wonderful and best friends has kindly written a blog post about her lifestyle as a vegan while being a student in Chester. We hope you enjoy it! 

It’s no secret that being a vegan can be challenging at times, I’m known to fall off the rail from time to time especially during the holidays when I have absolutely no structure in my life whatsoever. When I made the decision to turn vegan at the end of my first year at uni, I was apprehensive and I only expected to stick it out for a week but I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was for me! First of all, because I wasn’t having my meals cooked for me I could pick and choose what I wanted to eat, it became so simple and enjoyable to seek out vegan recipes and experiment with them!

One of my main worries of beginning my new vegan lifestyle was the challenge of eating out. I LOVE eating out, I cannot express to you in words the excitement I feel when I hear the words “lets eat out”. I’m a massive foodie and I was not prepared to let veganism ruin one of my favourite things. I had heard so many myths about how “difficult” and “restrictive” it is to eat out when you’re vegan, but let me tell you that is not the case! If anything being a vegan has forced me to expand my palette by seeking out new restaurants and tasting things I never would have even tried before. I’ve made a list of my favourite vegan cafes and restaurants in the beautiful city of Chester that are definitely worth trying if you ever find yourself passing through.

1. Chez jules:

Although not one of the cheapest places that cater for vegans, Chez Jules has an elegant vegan menu that is perfect for special occasions. If you’re a fresher and wondering where to go on an impressive first date, this sophisticated restaurant will do the trick. In fact, myself and my boyfriend went there on our first date and here we are two years later! It worked a charm!22290891_10213946406924938_342857744_o


This cute and affordable café not only caters for vegans but they also have a gluten free menu that includes gorgeous gluten free cakes. Marmalade do an all day breakfast menu on Sundays which includes a delicious vegan fry up perfect for those hangovers you’ll know all to well of if you’re a student!22312267_10213946406964939_915122857_o

3. Vegibites (Holland and barrett):

Vegibites is a completely vegan deli that offers smoothies, paninis, cakes and much more! If you’re the type of vegan who misses meat from time to time, they serve plenty of quorn chicken burgers, beef and duck style sandwiches and even meatball paninis! Vegibites is also great for on the go when you don’t have time to prepare a packed lunch!

4. Olive tree brasserie:

The Olive tree is a gorgeous classy restaurant that offers delicious Greek and Mediterranean style dishes, which are definitely some of my favourite cuisines! I was so pleased with their vegan menu, although not a wide range of choice, every dish on there looks incredible with meals ranging from butternut squash stifado and Greek style garlic pancakes (unusual but delicious). With its stunning interior design the Olive tree is ideal for social events and it’s perfect for those much needed cocktail nights.22292498_10213946406884937_1770411143_o

5. Hanky Panky:

When I found out Hanky Panky catered for vegans I was OVERJOYED! If you live in Chester you’ll know that experiencing Hanky Panky pancakes is a MUST! One of the first things I did as a fresher was go there with my new flatmates and devour a stack of American style pancakes topped with ice cream and fudge. Hanky Panky offer delicious buckwheat vegan pancakes with a choice of many toppings including vegan icecream!22312305_10213946406604930_235760372_o

6. The Flower Cup:

Possibly the most Instagram worthy café I have ever been to. The flower cup not only caters for vegans by offering mouthwatering peach pancakes and scrambled tofu on toast but they also sell all of the stunning flowers on display! It has a relaxing atmosphere and the staff are always friendly and welcoming which makes it the perfect place to relax and get away from those niggling daily stressors. It is definitely my go to café in Chester!22323846_10213946406524928_1853923989_o22312215_10213946406564929_1042015811_o

7. Mad Hatters Tea Room:

Mad hatters is a delightful tearoom that serves breakfasts, homemade soups, light lunches and not to mention amazing vegan cakes! I tried the Oreo vegan cupcake and it was the perfect treat to indulge in! Although Had Hatters usually have vegan cakes available they suggest calling them in advance to give them a chance to prepare, just in case the vegan cakes have ran out because they are so popular! This affordable Alice in Wonderland themed tea room is a perfect place to visit for tourists and is an ideal place to impress your family if you’re a student and they’re visiting for the weekend!22290730_10213946406644931_374245570_o

Aisling x


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