Walk through the Manc Vegan Festival with me!

Manchester vegan festival number three! This is the third time going to the vegan festival in Manchester and each time it’s such a different experience! I learn more about new recipes, meet some amazing people and most importantly try out some great foods.This time it was held at the Audacious Church.


Firstly, walking through the doors, I got a warm welcome from an Italian guy with a range of wines/spirits and organic foods from a company called The Vegways! I sampled his wine and it was breath-taking and what made it ten times better was that his wine was made from organic grapes from a sustainable vineyard. You could really taste the quality. He gave me a free pack of flax seed pasta which was very kind of him. I’ll be sure to cook a storm up with that later!


Here’s the pasta dish I cooked up using the flax seed pasta.Super healthy, full of protein and delicious!


Walking around the stalls, everything was catching my eye: soaps, huge Jaffa cake cakes, tiramisu cakes (normally you can’t even get that non-vegan!!), kebab meat, cheeses, you name it and it was there. I must say, the smoked cheese had such a distinct, creamy taste, I could see everyone going back for more nibbles of that one. 



A sauce stand was also attracting a lot of attention. The woman recommended trying the smoked chilli and garlic sauce which was so delicious and slightly fiery.It would of been Perfect smeared on a mighty sandwich for an extra kick.


I watched a food demonstration too and discovered a room with two women showing different yoga positions. The vegan festival held so many different interests that I and many others adored and it was all under one roof!



 Taking pictures of the variety of stalls, I came across a man called Joe. He was also taking pictures for a company called Veopolis which was basically an “online vegan festival”, in the sense that there is a range of different products like a vegan festival including ethical fashion, vegan snacks, fitness and nutrition etc. but instead all on one website! The great thing about this website is that all the hard work of checking the labels, if the products are vegan or not, is done for you! It’s so bloody convenient. I’m looking forward to going on the website and ordering items without the worry of wondering if it’s animal-cruelty free and ethical.


I must say that after sampling all the different treats and sweets and already eating two meals, I felt quite like I had tried almost everything but then I discovered a sample of the damson crumble slice! Mmmmm…..Heaven on a plate!!


 Chocolate cake is a hard sweet treat to beat but I have to say this was better. It had a lovely date and seed bottom with a berry centre and a sweet crunchy oat topping. It reminded me of a jam square I used to get at a local bakery in the north west called Oddies but it was so much more wholesome and sweet without any refined crap!Discovering these little gems really were the highlight of the festival. They were from a stall called Ripeeat, owned by a lovely,young man and woman who were from the Lake District.I would recommend to buy one if you have the chance….or maybe ten.


 Thank you to everyone who were lovely and friendly and I hope to see you again at the next Manchester vegan festival in November I am attending. Here’s a little video of some live music at the festival.

Madeleine x



4 thoughts on “Walk through the Manc Vegan Festival with me!

    1. They were some great recipes including Easy Spring Tart with Asparagus & White Bean Pate plus alternative options,Spicy Sweet Potato Salad with Lime,Quick & Easy Black Bean, Courgette & Olive Chilli Wraps.All looked so yummy,I could of eaten it all there and then😅 Xx

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