Hebden Bridge…Vegan Style!

Yes, we are back at it with the vegan café crawling! We literally cannot get enough of venturing out and finding quirky, cool little cafes! It is kinda like our thing now.21981929_1909971392361528_2059607306_o

We wanted to explore the quaint town of Hebden Bridge so we got up bright and early and headed for the train station. The rain seemed to have other ideas for us though as it was pouring it down all day! I guess the rain was a blessing in disguise, as it was offering us justification to sit in all day and stuff our faces with delicious vegan grub.22047187_1909977609027573_252642969_o

For our lunch, we decided to head to a cute little café called “Humblest of Pleasures”. As soon as we stepped foot inside, the staff were smiling and offering a warm welcome to us. 22015616_1909977262360941_1165639500_o

We were there a little early for the lunch menu, so we decided just start off with a steaming cup of tea to warm us up from being out in the rain. When I went to the counter, she said we could choose the mug we would like it in and it took us a good few minutes to pick! It was a big deal to us! 

I love personal touches to cafes like that. Things as small as that would make you return time and time again. It gave the place a comforting vibe as that small action displayed the care they felt for their customers. Also, the interior was beautiful too! The pink really gave it a vibrancy which completely over shadowed the dreary weather lurking outside. 

For my dinner I ordered vegan mac and cheese. I had never tried a vegan version before so was curious to see what it tasted like. My verdict? It was absolutely delicious! It was so creamy and had the same texture as a normal bowl of mac and cheese. I actually prefer that version to the original! It was a lovely, wholesome winter dish.22047430_1909975225694478_931614867_o

Madeleine got a dish with mushrooms, pesto, sun dried tomatoes, walnuts and balsamic vinegar, all mixed together for the ultimate salad! I guess she decided to be a little healthier than me that day! 21985630_1909975442361123_1574971229_o

To top it all off, dogs are allowed in! Maybe for a non-dog lover that sounds atrocious, but for us it was heaven! Vegan food, a good cuppa tea and dogs… what more could you want?!21981619_1909973355694665_137702127_o

Although it may seem like all we do is eat vegan food, we do like to do other things too! We did a little thrifting on our way round where we bagged a few good bargains. We also went into a spiritual shop which sold books on mindfulness and had healing crystals which we loved! However, the rain was getting even worse so we decided it was dessert time!21981961_1909977205694280_1983402977_o21985908_1909972545694746_1813385938_o

We original wanted to find a place called “Greens Cafe” that we found on the Happy Cow app, but we stumbled across a pretty little cake shop called “Kind Cakes” that was all vegan. Yes, you heard me correctly… ALL VEGAN! All my dreams had come true! 22047336_1909977725694228_366665196_o22050443_1909972412361426_203819044_o

The lady serving us was so helpful and let us try samples of everything to see what we would like to order. They had savoury pies, sweet cakes and cosy hot drinks. They even do cakes for events too! She told us they had only been open for a few months but they seemed to be doing well as people were in and out doing their cake runs for work!22047368_1909971995694801_312641915_o22047355_1909973795694621_976478249_o21981702_1909973825694618_6361754_o

We opted for the lemon cake which was so flavourful and sweet. It had sense of natural wholeness to it and that it wasn’t just shoved with loads of artificial crap. It was definitely made with lots of love and effort.22015427_1909973209028013_587329716_o

They also do a loyalty card now where you can end up being rewarded with free cake! FREE CAKE!

We only went in 2 cafes that day, but Hebden Bridge was literally a vegan’s paradise! There were a handful of cafes specifically catering for vegans but many places had delicious vegan options too. Hebden Bridge spoilt us for choice!

We will definitely be back on that train soon to demolish more vegan food!

(literally how many times have I said the word ‘vegan’ in this post! Haha)

Shannon xxx


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