Newquay…Vegan Style!

Sun, sea and sexy vegan food! Cornwall has always been one of my favourite places in England as, growing up, I used to come on little family holidays and it almost felt like home. My earliest, best memories take me back to being in the sea with my dad beating the devilish waves. We loved it! As I would talk to Shannon about it so much, we decided to splash out on a week holiday in Newquay rather than going abroad. In my opinion, Cornwall has some beautiful scenery and can almost fool you into thinking you’re abroad. The odd rainfall is guaranteed in England, as we all know, but the majority of the time there were blue skies and sweaty beach days! 



Being the beach bums and hippy festival-goers we are, as well as venturing to Cornwall, we booked to go to Boardmasters! Boardmasters is an annual festival involving surfing/skating competitions and live music. A definite must!


On the edge of a cliff, listening to music whilst clenching onto a vegan burger and chilli is definitely our cup of tea. It seemed to take other people’s fancy too since there was a long queue-full for the veggie/vegan van. It was a battle to get to the front but it was worth sampling that damn good food.


Singing our hearts out to Will Heard and other various artists, then sprawling out on the trampled grass to devour some vegan, festival munch sums up our four days at the festival.


Our few days we had free away from the festival, we ventured around Newquay. These are a few little things we did; swim in the sea, wandered around the town centre, admired the lovely cliff views, stroked all the Cornish doggies and yes… hunted down those vegan restaurants/cafes like we do best. Being vegan in Cornwall on holiday was, I can honestly say, easy peasy. Although I do primarily use Happy Cow to discover my vegan hot spots, if you keep an eye out for signs, you can find hidden vegan gems. On the way to Fistral beach we found a sign for a cafe called Green Heart that had an absolutely brilliant vegan menu, especially for breakfast offering tofu scramble! Deeeeeliiiish! The floor and walls were solid wood slabs almost making you feel like you were on a little boat swaying in the middle of the ocean. We also got a silky banana and chocolate smoothie. Yum!



The Beached Lamb Café is absolutely one of my top cafes visited. A chilled-out café offering a wonderful full English vegan breakfast.IMG_3365

Moussaka was also, to my surprise, being served. Moussaka is usually a dish with lots of cheese on top, so I was shocked when they offered this on the menu. They substituted the cheese with tofu, which was so creamy and delicious. Layers of vegetables such as aubergines made up the moussaka, giving it a chewy, meaty consistency. This was all accompanied by a slice of garlic bread to mop up all those last juicy bits. Not forgetting about our sweet tooth, we ordered a slice of cake too. I think we did really make most of The Beached Lamb Café. We also met a lovely couple there who were also going to the festival who kept returning to Beached Lamb Café, I find it fascinating how a café can attract similar people and create a little community who keep returning. It’s probably a good thing I live in the North-West of England, otherwise you wouldn’t get me away from this place.



Another fantastic place for vegans is The Stable. This restaurant took my breath away when I saw it on the Fistral beach front. The walls are all glass and to really make the most of the glowing beach, we sat by the balcony and got to embrace the salty, fresh air. Soo invigorating! I was so happy that they had a full menu of vegan pizzas and salads! Arriving at around twelve, they had just started taking orders for food, so we got first dibs. We ordered a garlic pizza, sweet potato and vegan cheese pizza and butternut squash salad. I think we inhaled the lot within a few minutes. The pizza had a thin base but still a doughy, delicious bite with cheese oozing off the sides. Maybe we didn’t look the best devouring this food but believe me, nothing was going to stop us! Maybe if you’re on a first date you’d think otherwise.


I hope after reading this, you take advantage of visiting all these wonderful places if you ever get the chance to visit Cornwall.

Until next time, health and happiness from Madeleine x


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