Paris… Vegan Style! #2

Standing by the Eiffel Tower, we were lucky enough to experience such a gorgeous, crisp morning. There was a slight chill in the air, where you could practically smell the beginnings of Autumn swirling alongside the leaves in the wind.  However, later in the afternoon, the weather took a little turn and became damp and drizzly. We didn’t mind though because you know what that means… CAFÉ CRAWL!

Yes, we were back at it again with the ‘Happy Cow’ app, searching for all of them vegan cafes. Paris felt like we struck gold… sweet vegan gold! Madeleine found a little place called “Raw Cakes”. It was a café that sold raw (uncooked) food. I get it might not sound very appetising if you have never come across a diet like that before, but believe me, it can be very tasty!

So, we went back to our hotel to dry ourselves off from the rain and we started to make our way to ‘Raw Cakes’.DSC_0259.JPGDSC_0261.JPG

I know this phrase is thrown around left, right and centre but it was totally our aesthetic. The light pastel colours of baby pink and blue gave it such a sweet, peaceful vibe, while the high tempo jazz music softly playing in the back added to its charming atmosphere. DSC_0283DSC_0295.JPG

Now, let’s get down to the part you’ve all been waiting for… the damn food! I got the raw vegan lasagna. The ingredients were all in French, so I would be lying if I said I knew what was exactly in it. I know there was courgette, rocket, tomato and some kind of hummus. However, what I can tell you for sure is that it was gorg! So fresh and light, yet wonderfully satisfying. DSC_0304.JPG

Madeleine decided to go for the raw vegan pizza which I have to admit, I wish I got too! Every mouth full she devoured looked even more delicious than the last. She said she loved it! Once again, we are not fully sure what was in it but we know there were olives, rocket, a tomato sauce, peppers all placed on a cracker like base. Divine!DSC_0302.JPG

Again, the greedy bastards we are, we got dessert without question! In a place with ‘Cake’ in the name, it would be a crime not to!DSC_0278.JPGDSC_0273DSC_0276DSC_0301.JPG

I got a chocolate doughnut like dessert with orange shaving on the top. It was honestly so delicious. I can’t even find a word good enough to describe it. It was so rich and had a moist cake texture as you bit into the middle which contrasted beautifully from the crunchy outer layer.DSC_0310

Madeleine ordered a flapjack oat bar. Within the first bite you could tell it was the healthiest dessert on the menu! Full of nuts, oats and seeds all densely packed into a satisfying little bar. DSC_0312.JPG

There were so many amazing dishes to choose from that it made it so hard to pick! So, we went back the next day too! 

We both opted for the vegan burger, which wasn’t raw but was still just as good!DSC_0537DSC_0535

I really wanted dessert but I was so full! I think we went overboard on the vegan food during that holiday! However, they do takeout! Perfect! So, I decided to get a caramel baton to take back to the hotel with me. It was so scrumptious and dripping with thick caramel. A true indulgence that I did not regret one bit!DSC_0546DSC_0559

I actually cannot praise this place enough. The price was reasonable, the food was great and the vibe was relaxing and fun! 

So, it is a big thumbs up from us, Raw Cakes!DSC_0141.JPG

Shannon xxx





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