Paris…Vegan Style!

Paris is known for its beautiful architecture, fascinating culture and delicious pastries. Well, I feel confident enough to say it is about time to include bloody good vegan food to that list!DSC_0094

I always had the impression it would be extremely difficult to hunt down any vegan food in Paris but by using the ‘Happy Cow’ app, Madeleine and I had quite a smooth run to be honest! We ate like kings for the week (well, vegan kings)!

Maisie Café in Madeleine

The only reason we went to Madeleine was because Madeleine wanted to go to a place named after her. She thought she owned the damn place! It was a blessing in disguise though as we managed to find this wonderful café. It was cute and quaint but flooded with character and vibrancy. DSC_0242DSC_0243

We had already eaten at Pret A Manger that afternoon, so only ordered drinks during our first visit. We ordered an almond latte which was so sweet and creamy but left a strong hit of coffee on the tip of your taste buds. Absolutely perf!DSC_0224DSC_0240


The following day we were straight back to get our vegan food fix! We ordered a wholemeal spaghetti bowl bursting with flavour and teeming with goodness! It had roasted cashews, leafy greens, a subtle creamy sauce and topped with a light sprinkle of seeds to give it that extra crunch. We both said that we could have eaten about 3 more bowls of it! That wasn’t because it wasn’t satisfying… we are just greedy bastards!


Talking of being a greedy bastard, I got dessert too! I got a raw chocolate mousse which was divine! It was cool and thick but not too rich and sickly. It was just right. The few nuts placed on the top was a cute little touch too!DSC_0524

The atmosphere was great as well. The staff were very attentive but not in your face 24/7. The owner even approached us because he was curious as to why we were taking pictures of all of our food. He was very lovely and I could tell his interest was genuine which made for a great conversation with him. He explained how it had only been open 6 months and we told him we would definitely talk about it on our blog! Hopefully, if you go Paris, this has swayed you to go to Maisie Cafe! 

When we decide to venture back to Paris, there is no doubt we will be back here! DSC_0412.JPG

We went to more vegan places during our lil Paris trip, so keep an eye out for part 2 guys! 

Shannon xxx


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