How to Get Rid of Cystic Acne

I used to suffer with severe cystic acne on my forehead through my teens and I bet many of you have also had experiences with it too. It is nothing uncommon and don’t worry, there is a solution! I felt like giving up after constantly going to doctors and being given different creams and potions to put on my skin. I started getting sore, big, red lumps on my forehead and if your banged them it was agony. I knew these weren’t spots, it was something worse: cystic acne. I remember feeling very self-conscious about it as a teenager so I want to reach out to as many people who may have it or something similar.

Cystic acne is the rupture of hair follicles due to bacteria getting trapped in your pores and inflaming the area creating red, swollen spots. This can be due to genetics or hormone imbalance, that’s why it usually comes along during puberty. So, don’t think you are unclean if you have it. You might have just been kindly blessed with that skin from your father, so blame him!

My Steps to Skin Recovery:



After trying many different creams to help my skin, my doctors suggested roaccutane that I’d never heard of. I wish I had known of it earlier because I would have asked for it years ago. If you’ve been suffering from cystic acne ask about roaccutane to your doctor, because you might be able to get it earlier than I did. It is a tablet whereby you are monitored monthly by blood tests and any reactions are discussed strictly with your doctor but it is well worth it. It transformed my skin, I had so much more confidence after using it. There are some side effects that are off putting when it comes to roaccutane but I didn’t experience any of them. I did start to get a dry nose and dry eyes but it was totally bearable for clear skin.

2.Vegan Diet

It is true what they say y’know, you are what you eat! I got rid of my cystic acne on my forehead but still suffered from it around my mouth. I had pimples and little spots that left marks, which really wasn’t very flattering. However, at this time, I was drinking lots of whole milk and chicken in nearly every meal. I decided to go vegan for reasons other than my acne but it’s unbelievable when I look back at pictures of my skin back then. I truly believe my diet has changed my skin. I very rarely get a spot. A plant based diet stops any imbalance in your hormones and it prevented my skin from being oily or dry, it makes it glow.

3.Sun and the salty sea

I usually went to Cornwall every year for little holidays and we would always be in the sea. My skin always looked renewed after being in the sea and catching a few rays! This is due to the salty sea cleaning my skin and the cold water stopping any inflammation. However, I know not many of you will live by the sea, just like I don’t. However, you can splash cold, slightly salted water on your face in the comfort of your home. The sun can also kill bacteria and encourage the production of vitamin D.IMG_3497

4.Eat Fermented Foods-

Good digestion is the key to clearing up acne. If you eat unhealthy foods, which increases bad bacteria in the gut; the liver starts to work on these imbalances, and inevitably misses some things in its sorting processes. This can cause break outs.


Fermented foods (such as sauerkraut)  and probiotic supplements creates good bacteria in your gut. If you find a probiotic in a supermarket that has been pasteurised it is useless because that means all the good bacteria has been killed. Fermented foods are best made by yourself or probiotics can be bought from health stores or some supermarkets be must be in a fridge for the live “good” bacteria to be alive!

5.Stress less-

Find ways that are an outlet for you with stress. If you’re in a stressful environment take yourself away from it physically or mentally. If you feel an argument is building up, go for a walk. If you’re stuck in an environment you do not like, maybe a job, think of things that make you feel peaceful. For me, this would be thinking of the crashing waves of the sea.21469911_1889479994410668_2088369789_n

In addition to these, always remember you are beautiful even with a few spots. I can bet other people probably won’t notice half as much as you do! Acne is usually an age thing so it’s not forever and the scars do fade. I had deep scars and it took a while for my skin to heal but now no one would really know how much I really suffered with acne.

If you have any questions relating to my acne, I would love to help! Comment down below or let me know on our Instagram, veryheartyvegans.

Madeleine x


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