Weekend in Whitby

A spontaneous trip to a beautiful Yorkshire destination is something that excites me! When I was offered to go with someone who loves a good adventure and making the most of their days off, it was something I couldn’t refuse.21244648_1880776621947672_721526606_n

Setting off on a warm summers evening we arrived at about half past eight at Beacon campsite, a lovely farm with a few tents and lots of goats that I couldn’t stop attempting to stroke over the fence as I went to the toilets. We set up the tent and had a well deserved sleep, refreshed for the day after to meander the centre.

The morning quickly rolled around and the drizzle of rain didn’t stop our desire to explore. As soon as we stepped foot into the town, there was a festival where Morris dancers were dressed in beautifully bright outfits. The cheers from the audience and their generous donations reflected their support. It gave the town that little extra sparkle. After having a bite to eat we went to climb the 199 steps (one of Whitby’s famous landmarks). We slowly walked up embracing the amazing views that a picture could not do justice for. The quirky buildings hugging the mountains, boats rocking on the waves and life of the town that laid below us gave a feeling of love for Whitby. We reached the top which lead up to St Mary’s church and Whitby Abbey. The buildings oozed a feel of it’s long history. The gravestones standing diagonal which were eroded from the coastal salty air, reiterated its character and made it even more unique. The grave stones were scattered and were not perfectly in a systematic place but somehow looked perfect. The Whitby Abbey was really amazing it was hard to believe a well-built building was now a ruin that still stood strong and tall. We spent time staring and taking in what we could see. It almost made your imagination wander and picture all of the nuns and monks walking around from previous times.





Photographs accredited to Ben Warford

After a lot of photo taking, capturing the life of Whitby abbey and the beautiful scenery surrounding us, we headed back to the town centre which was still full from the hustle and bustle of tourists. The shops were quaint and intriguing which ranged from sweet shops to hippy clothes shops. We stumbled across my favourite shop… ‘Whitby Wholefoods’ hidden close to a back alley, but that wasn’t going to stop me sniffing it out! There were so many selections of healthy, wholesome foods and lots of necessities for a vegan! Beans, pulses, nuts and dark chocolate… I was in heaven! They also had a fridge full of different tofus, cheeses and other substitutes for a foodie like me!

As a young child I had been Whitby many times but never appreciated properly it’s beauty. I’m grateful that I could go again with someone who appreciates the outdoors like I do!


Madeleine x


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