Having a Vegan Daughter

When Shannon announced she was going vegan, my first reaction was resistance. I knew that it wouldn’t be a passing fad because she had been mentioning it periodically for several months. Her father and I had a few concerns to say the least:

Living off Lettuce Leafs and Celery Sticks

I was worried she would not be getting all of her vital nutrients and would have to eat bland food that would be so unimaginative and boring. How wrong I was! There is a whole host of foods that vegans can eat and I would actually throw it out there and say that vegan meals are more exciting and flavourful.DSC_0430.JPG

Breaking the Bank

Okay… guilty as charged! I was concerned that this diet would end up costing a small fortune. How wrong I was! I have learnt that you can eat a healthy vegan diet without having to re-mortgage the house! Once Shannon had done her homework, as far as what she can eat, she then started to educate me. I must admit, at the start, there were times when she was not eating proper balanced meals and this made her feel hungry a lot. However, once she started experimenting with different recipes, foods, spices and pulses and educating herself on living as a vegan, she seemed to hit the floor running.

And Finally …

Shannon becoming a vegan has opened up a world of delicious and healthy recipes for her which I am always happy to prepare for her. As a mother, I have witnessed Shannon blossom into a fit and healthy young girl, both in body and mind.

We always ate healthy as a family but now my shopping trolley always looks simply impressive! I secretly see people look as the colourful array of fruits and vegetables beep along the checkout and maybe think ‘I should eat healthier’. I know I have thought that in the past.DSC_0642

Shannon’s mum xxx



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