Sweet Rhubarb Jam with no Artificial Sugar Recipe

You will need… figs and rhubarb. Yes, that’s it!

It is also a good idea to wash out an old jam jar and store it in that. Make sure to put your name on it (so no one else in your house steals it) and ta da… you have your own jar of hearty homemade jam. It’s delicious on toast, in a pie, on porridge or even just be a little greedy and spoon it into your mouth like I often do. You can put it with anything you like. I’ve always loved stewed rhubarb but I’ve come to realised that shop bought rhubarb jam is full of sugar and makes you have a sugar crash. Also, there’s other ingredients that are included that just aren’t needed for. I want pure rhubarb. This recipe swaps that rubbish processed sugar with nourishing dried figs, that are full of fibre and iron and in my opinion even tastes better!


Now, what you need to do is…

  • Firstly, you chop your rhubarb into small cubes, the smaller they are the quicker they cook. I chopped 4 stalks of rhubarb.DSC_0788


  • Put a pan on a low heat and put the rhubarb in and constantly stir and add splashes of water till the rhubarb has softened which usually takes about twenty minutes.DSC_0814DSC_0823


  • Chop your dried figs (put as many as you want in, depending on how sweet you want it) into bits so the insides of the fig can combine and sweeten your jam/stew mixture. Add this to the pan and simmer for another twenty minutes, remember to keep stirring. Try keep the lid on the pan when possible so it doesn’t evaporate and lose its juices too much.DSC_0833.JPG


  • Leave it till cool and this will further intensify the sweetness.DSC_0894DSC_0915


  • Make sure to store in the fridge after it is made


I love this recipe because its healthy, quick, easy and it’s different to your traditional strawberry and raspberry jam.

Madeleine x


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