Why I Love Gardening

I’ve always wanted to be able to stroll out into my garden, pick a bunch of crops and use them for my meals. Grabbing a handful of lettuce, radish and onions and adding it to my lunch time sandwich would be my idea of perfect! Why should we go buy a lettuce from the shop when we can have it fresh from the ground? It must taste better, right?

I believe that gardening is such a mindful hobby. It can help us connect with nature and it has definitely given me the chance to learn even more about the environment. It allows me to escape from my ordinary indoor life of University and break away for a short moment of peace. There are times when you get into a cycle of mundane routine and you need to take a step back whilst being outdoors and appreciate what is right in front of you. I feel this helps prevent any anxiety you have about little things in your life and you can see how truly wonderful the world really is. Having an allotment has certainly pushed me to do this and growing my own crops is so satisfying because I get to see all my fruits and veggies flourish and most importantly, I get to devour them all!


The other day, I had a free morning before I started work at four, so I pushed myself to get out and get a bus to my allotment with my two dogs, Megan and Harry. As soon as I arrived there, I realised my sweetcorn and beetroot plants had started to grow. Yaaay! I started to dig up more soil for the rest of my compost bed that I’m still working on. Watching the progression is the best thing about having an allotment… it’s so rewarding! My dogs helped dig up the soil, as well as eating half of it. Well, at least they thought they were helping!  After adding a little more soil to the compost bed for more crops, I sat down on an emergency chair, (Peter Kay reference for any hard core fans out there) that I’d retrieved from the shed. As I was sat there, I found myself drifting off to the sounds of roosters crowing and the sound of birds blissfully tweeting. While the warm breeze slowly stroked my skin, a feeling a peaceful relaxation washed over me. Half an hour later, I woke up feeling calm and satisfied, just as I would after a meditation session. This made me realise how the outdoors really helps you unwind and can benefit you both spiritually and mentally. The allotment feels like a place hidden away from reality where you can put your phone down, focus on your well being and just…escape.

Madeleine x



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