Being Vegan at Music Festivals

We want to give a huge shout out to the vegan food stand at Parklife music festival in Manchester this year! We were honestly so starving and were praying we could find something vegan but also filling enough so were able to fuel our bodies for the jam-packed weekend.


Lo and behold, there was a beautiful shining star in the shape of a food van glowing through the Manchester gloom with the magical words ‘VEGAN’ on it. We hit the jackpot! Our stomachs have never been more grateful!

The stand was called “Manjula Catering” and they specialise in international vegan street food.

I got a Kerala Burger which was so delicious. It had a spicy Indian hash brown on it with avocado, slaw and masala, all put together on a cauliflower and chickpea bun. There was also a refreshing salad on it too to compliment the heat of the burger.


Madeleine got a beautiful South Indian Masala Curry! I think the picture speaks for itself!


It was so refreshing to see this vegan food stall packed full of people! You forget there are so many vegans out there! 

Shannon xxx




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