Tips on a Slow Vegan Transition

Vegan – a person who does not eat or use animal products.

That is Google’s definition of a vegan. I think this is what makes people hesitant to transition. It is the actual definition that scares people off because people don’t want to be labelled to something so objective as they are frightened to trip up.

I feel as though some people, vegans and non-vegans, can be quite critical of anyone trying to make better choices in their lifestyle and diet. If you say you are going to give veganism a shot, some can be quick to claw you right back down if you slip up. Everyone needs to remember that any change is a positive change! Don’t give up if you make one mistake! Just because someone is interested in veganism but it takes them a year to fully transition, doesn’t mean they are not ‘proper’ vegans. You are still making excellent progress!

People tend to say, “I could never be vegan because I love chocolate too much.”  SNAP! I love chocolate too and I know how difficult it is to not give into temptation. However, if that is the case, try sticking to a vegan diet but keep the chocolate in till you feel comfortable enough to swap it for a vegan alternative. There is always a way to make small steps if even if you think it won’t do much in the big scheme of things.


  • When you are at a coffee shop and you are ordering your favourite drink, why don’t you try to vegan-ize it! Instead of dairy milk, ask if they can put soy or almond milk in instead. It almost never costs extra and you are still getting the same thing!DSC_0621.JPG
  • If you are buying some milk chocolate at the store, why don’t you opt for a dark chocolate? It tends to be healthier but most importantly, it is vegan! Also, if you are in a cafe craving a crumbly cake, ask if there is a vegan option. I can vouch for this and say they are just as good (dare I say, sometimes better)!DSC_0433.JPG
  • Alpro yogurts taste just as creamy and satisfying as dairy yogurt, so I really urge you to give it a go! They aren’t bland and boring as you may expect from a plant based alternative. There are so many flavours to pick from such as coconut, almond, mango and even choccy! So you are definitely spoilt for choice!DSC_0899.JPG
  • Try and opt for vegan butter such as vitalite instead of a dairy butter. In my opinion, it tastes pretty much the same and if you are using it for baking or cooking you cannot even tell the difference at all when it is mixed with the other ingredients.DSC_0871.JPG
  • You may think that as a vegan you are exempt from eating ice cream. You couldn’t be more wrong! There are so many non-dairy alternatives available from Alpro to Booja Booja in so many flavours.DSC_0259.JPG


There are so many little swaps that can honestly make such a HUGE difference. It simply reduces the supply and demand for animal products and increases it for the more ethical products.

Shannon xxx


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