My Vegan Journey

Veganism was always something I had given thought to but didn’t do much about. I would see adorably cute lambs in the fields by my home and think ‘I can’t believe we eat them!’, but I was told by everyone around me that it’s the way the world works. So, I would just deal with it. You can’t argue with the world! I was also told that without meat and dairy you can’t get all of the vitamins you need to be healthy. I’m no dietitian, so I just accepted it as fact and carried on eating animal products because there was no other way to be healthy.

However, as I was just aimlessly scrolling through YouTube, I kept coming across videos on veganism. I began to notice that some youtubers I had watched previously were all making videos on how they are now vegan. I started watching some of their videos but from the get go, I felt a bit offended by what they would say. Various people would exclaim “You don’t care about animals if you eat meat!” and I would think “Woah, come on! You don’t know me!”. I got pretty defensive because I know I did care about animals and didn’t appreciate some stranger telling me I didn’t.

As time went by I stumbled upon a video called ‘The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear’ by Gary Yourofksy. It was a video on why you should go vegan and that was a major contributor for my transition. He oozed out passion from his pores and you could tell he lived to help animals. He also had all the facts around veganism too, which made his argument very strong and very convincing. It is quite hard hitting though. It may seem a little ‘preachy’ but I will leave the link to the video and I recommend watching it with an open mind, and most importantly, an open heart.

After viewing that speech, I just could not slip back into my old ways of consuming animal products from what I knew. My conscience just wouldn’t allow me to. The only thing stopping me was my dad telling me that it wasn’t a balanced diet for a young girl. However, I was 19 and I was old enough to make my own educated decisions, so I bit the bullet and turned vegan. No slow transition. No vegetarianism first. Just cold turkey. (can I still use that phrase as a vegan?!).

The next hurdle was finding out what I should be eating. However, there are now SOO many YouTube channels on super tasty vegan dishes ranging from a completely raw diet to gluttonous deserts and treats. You just have to experiment and work out what diet suites you best.

There are so many health benefits from turning vegan but the main reason I went vegan was because of ethical reasons. I had some sort of awakening where I couldn’t believe I had been eating living beings my whole life and thought it was normal. I also couldn’t comprehend the disgusting conditions these innocent animals have to sadly endure just for the meat/dairy manufacturers benefit.

PRETTY PLEASE, don’t think I am getting preachy to people who are not vegan. I don’t want people to feel bad. I just really want to encourage people to think outside the box and educate themselves on what really goes on to enable companies to be able to manufacture meat and dairy at such a high quantity.

Shannon xxx




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